Monday Morning Brief: Terraform series coming

Greetings programs!

Just a quick post this morning to mention that I’m working on a thing about deploying infrastructure with Terraform. Tentatively should have the first installment out next Monday.

For the not-yet-informed. Terraform is an infrastructure deployment tool that takes a text file description of a distributed application infrastructure, compares it to what exists, and changes reality to match the description of what you want. It does this very well, and has a quick learning curve and excellent ease of use. If you’re doing production deploys into AWS or Azure, or even Cisco ACI, this is a tool you should get to know.

Brilliant sunrise this morning

If you want to understand how Terraform does it’s thing from an architecture perspective here’s a link to a 30 minute talk that I found enlightening. TL;DR Graph theory is everywhere!

That’s it for this week. May you care for yourself with ease, and may the odds ever be in your favor.


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