ISE Device Extractor

Greetings, programs!

So, I made a thing.

ISE Device Extractor is a small python program that extracts all of the Network devices from ISE and outputs them in an Ansible compatible inventory file. Repo is here:

ISE Device Extractor

ISE is a good source of truth for network devices. I couldn’t find an existing tool to give me output from ISE that I could use for Ansible playbooks, so I made one. Since YAML is super easy to parse, you can use the inventory file as an input for other tools as well. Example uses would be to check and make sure that devices are categorized correctly, or that the inventory is accurate.

If you would like to test it, has a reservable ISE sandbox. Search the catalog for ISE and select Identity Services Engine with MUD.

Rest of the details are in the readme. Enjoy. 🙂