SecureX implementation job aid

Greetings, programs!

Today I bring you a couple of template documents to assist with deploying Cisco SecureX. From working with customers I’ve found that getting all of the operations teams on the same page is an overlooked aspect of getting the most out of the tool. Here are a couple of sample documents to assist with getting executive sponsorship for a training exercise, and a handout for the teams.

Cheers, and may you care for yourself with ease.


Whitepaper: Why Zero Trust is the future of Cybersecurity

Greetings programs!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything, so let’s do a thing.

This is a whitepaper I wrote about ten months ago that grew out of an effort to establish a foundational, functional, understanding of what zero trust looks like. I know the term is being overloaded to mean all kinds of things which is a bummer. Anyhow, here’s an honest and hopefully useful take. I backed my assertions with citations and all that sort of stuff. If you want to go down the rabbit hole it’s all there in the bibliography, and it’s some great reading to be honest. I invite you to dig a little deeper and check out some of that material.

Also, you know what? Using big honking firewalls to macrosegment legacy application traffic in on-prem datacenters is totally fine and valid don’t @ me. 🙂

May you care for yourself with ease,